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KROWD is a platform that lets you livestream your content to your fanbase only if they've paid for it.

We are doing our very best to build the platform in the best possible way but are always looking for ways to improve. This is where we'd love your help.


To cover some of the often asked questions please see the questions and corresponding answers below.

Buying a ticket and watching a livestream

Where to buy a ticket?

Your streamer shared a link to the event page on which and on that page there is a button to buy a ticket. Fill out your information (be very precise with your email address), pay and you will receive your e-ticket via email.

I've bought a ticket but did not receive an email?

After the purchase has been completed it can take a few minutes for the email to be sent, do not forget to check your spam box if you cannot find it. Still no email? Please contact us and we will resend the email.

Where to watch the stream?

The link in the email you received will take you automatically to the correct page.

How to play the livestream on my TV?

There are a few options:

  • Connect your laptop or PC to your TV
    Connect your laptop or PC to your tv using an HDMI cable for example.
  • Use Chromecast or Apple AirPlay
    When on a Wi-Fi connection with a Chromecast or AirPlay on the same network a cast icon will show up in the player. Click the button and select the device to which you want to cast in order to get the most out of the experience! Note that for security reasons the cast button disappears after a few minutes. Refresh the page to refresh the cast functionality.

Registering an account and starting a livestream

For now, we are still helping all of our streamers to gather as much feedback as possible. If you want to do a livestream please feel free to contact us and we will help you set your account up!


If your questions are still unanswered, please feel free to contact us.